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Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 4?)


By Reesa

Linking up with the reality T.V. star Jennifer Fulwiler for another EXCITING episode of Quick Takes Friday!!!

— 1 —

First, I’m sorry, but we need to talk about fashion. Specifically my fashion. And my baggage.  Not literal, but emotional.  Emotional fashion baggage.  Why do you read this blog again?

I have been suffering from sort of FASHION BUG lately where I find myself making OBJECTIVELY BAD fashion choices WITH THE FULL KNOWLEDGE THAT I AM MAKING THEM.

This is an amazing phenomenon! I have never HEARD of this before! Allow me to elaborate! My two favorite things to wear lately have been: printed tops and graphic tees.


— 2 —

Exhibit A:

Gap + Tailgate happiness T - gray

My favorite shirt right now. There was about a month there when I wore it almost every day. Also, that happened to my first month as a married woman. No wait I wore it during the final stages of wedding planning too.  Two months!!


The shirt that I’m not allowing myself to buy. Because it’s RIDICULOUS. How could I go out in public in that? People will think that I think I am America’s dream girl!?! I would rationalize and say to myself, “Oh this? I’m just going to buy this to wear around the house!” but guess what? THAT’S WHAT I SAID ABOUT THE FIRST SHIRT.

Exhibit B: Printed Tops

I don’t know which is these two exhibits is more embarrassing. This latter trend is actually something we typically go through at, I don’t know, FIVE AND UNDER.

cn5671327 cn5743231

Don’t know if you can tell (which possibly mitigates the fact) but the top shirt has hearts all over it. While I desperately want to buy it to wear on Valentine’s Day I already bought a dress with hearts all over it, and I cannot justify having TWO heart-covered articles of clothing in my wardrobe. I just can’t.

The butterfly shirt may happen.

— 3 —


I really don’t know. Very rarely in my life have I made such poor decisions. However, I think it is a POSSIBILITY that my emotional fashion baggage stems from my recent transition into married life and that I am in some sense mourning my childhood/lost youth. Or I just hang out with a baby for way too many of my waking hours. Or this is The Next Big Thing and nobody knows it but my subconscious.

— 4 —

Phew, glad I got that off my chest. Honestly that’s the only thing I wanted to say in this post though. I just strung it out for three posts. I could probably string it out for seven. But nobody wants that.

I would spend the next three posts writing very important and deep things. Sadly, the baby will soon awaken. That baby being: not mine and Dan’s, but belonging to different parentage entirely, and entrusted to us for her health and well-being this weekend and none other.

So important things will have to

— 5 —

Last night I had a dream that Rachel dyed her hair blue. Then I woke up and remembered… that Rachel DID do that once! Our senior year of high school! Remember that Rachel?!

Not a good look for you if I recall.

BUT your hair just on its very own is an extremely gorgeous blonde.

— 6 —

One week from today is a very very special day. Two weeks from today is even more special. Those days are: my birthday and then Rachel’s. Rachel’s being second. Mine being first. Rachel’s mother being pregnant for one more week after the aforementioned myself had exited the womb. Reesa being the elder, and Rachel the younger, of the two Rs.

Which seems as good an excuse as any to post these gems, garnered somewhere along the way during the last TEN YEARS of friendship.


High school theaterrrrr


New Years…. 2008?




Photographic evidence that I went to Les Miserables with her YEARS BEFORE THAT BLOG POST.


My face represents how we feel about camping; Rachel’s how we feel about not-camping


Bridesmaidin with the seesters




Six groundhogs together… yay?


Arm-in-arm after the worst fight of either of our existences

Disney Princess Birthday Party

And pulled from the archives, our Disney Princess themed joint-sixteenth birthday party. Which may quite possibly still be the best birthday party I have ever had.

— 7 —

In the spirit of full disclosure I am channeling BooMama in my blog voice right now. A) because that’s how you develop your blog voice: imitate away and see what STICKS. B) Because she is HILARIOUS. C) In a shameless attempt to make Meredith read my blog more.

Also in the spirit of full disclosure, there will never be full disclosure on this blog. Ever. Ever ever. I have got to preserve my sense of mystery.