Seven Quick Takes Sunday



I’ve been meaning to blog for forEVER and finding various excuses to not do so. But Rachel’s snarky comment in her last post finally sent me over the edge:

 (By the way, this is Rachel, as have been the past 4 posts.)

I die. I blog! Touché, Rachel. This is Reesa! As have not been for any posts for months and months.


On a related note, I am married!!!! Dan and I are married!!!!! As of 12/15/12. It is pretty darn fantastic and also pretty darn hard—as I think is the point of marriage.

I have to say: I’m not really sure how much I want to blog about marriage on here these days. It seems like such a private thing for the Internet. Also I don’t really want this to turn into a newlywed blog or (eventually) a Mom blog. On the other hand, both are the kinds of things that are going to infiltrate very likely every part of my life, so I’m not sure how exactly how that’s going to work. Ah well. Only time will tell!


That being said…. here are some pictures. Because Jeckyl Photography did an awesome job. And because I love them.


 Big_155988_0167  Big_155988_0264




Big_155988_0468     Big_155988_0620

They are in weirdly varying sizes for reasons of which I’m… not sure.

Don’t you love my uncle’s photo bomb in that last picture?



DOWNTON ABBEY TONIGHT!!!!! Who’s excited? Maura has apparently already watched the entire third season because she is ILLEGAL. And I guess doesn’t care about computer viruses. Anyway, the ominous advice she gave me about the third season was, “Don’t get too attached to any of the characters…”

OH MY GOSH HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT. Who is it going to be? Bates?? Lady Mary? Carson!?

I just hope nobody dies this episode. I’m looking for a wedding. Because I just can’t get enough of those things.

Addendum: Okay I only got to watch the first half. No spoilers por favor.


And finally, perhaps inspired by my sister’s new blog, perhaps because I recently gave up Pinterest, but I’m sort of intrigued by this new… Catholic blog phenomenon (yeah, those exist) called: What I Wore Sunday. It’s a “link up” so you can see what Catholic women all over the US (or potentially the world, which would be pretty awesome) wore to Sunday Mass.

I’m particularly interested in it because it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately on my own… My parents raised my sisters and me to dress nicely for Mass… and I don’t think we ever had much of a problem with it. It was just what we did. But when I went to UD, I started both going to daily Mass more… and also NOT dressing up as much for daily or Sunday Mass. What a paradox! Well, part of it I think was reactionary. Some UD girls dressed up… quite a lot, but in a way that I didn’t think was very stylish. So I guess that sort of discouraged me from dressing nicely for Mass. I didn’t want to be associated with that ‘look.’

On the other hand, if I was just going to daily Mass, it was usually sort of a spontaneous decision. I wore whatever I was wearing to class. And then sometimes I was on my way back from the gym and I was faced with the decision to either go to Mass in gym clothes… or not go at all.

Anyway, it got to the point where going to Mass was so much a part of my routine that I didn’t make much of an effort to prepare for it, mentally or physically. I didn’t think about it much until my Mom approached me about it this past year when I was living at home. Even then I was upset.. but also sort of annoyed. Because, uh Mom, I’m 23. Ah do what ah want*.

Fortunately this all came up again when I heard about the link up via Jennifer Fulwiler. She wrote a great article about how dressing up for Mass changed her attitude here. My favorite quote:

Taking the extra time to choose my attire carefully reminded me of my dignity as a woman and a child of God; and, most powerfully, wearing my favorite pieces on Sunday hit home the message on both a conscious and a subconscious level that I would never find an occasion more special than this one.


Speaking of Jennifer Fulwiler, please keep her in your prayers. Maura texted me the other day that she was in the hospital with pulmonary embrosis. It looks like she’s going to be okay, but she and her family definitely have some hard times ahead.

When Maura texted me, I was struck by how concerned I was for Jenn. I’ve met her once, but mostly I just check her blog every one in a while. I only realized yesterday, as I was thinking about her and her family, that Jen’s had a profound effect on my spirituality, happiness, and mental/intellectual approach to the world. And she’s… a blogger.

Isn’t that crazy? I’ve been sort of resistant to the idea that the Internet can ‘make things happen’. That is, that it has any sort of effect on the real world. But I think it does. In fact, Jenn’s story makes it OBVIOUS that it does. She herself is a convert from atheism who converted almost exclusively due to the conversations she had on Catholic atheist forms. Pretty amazing stuff.


See point 5: I’m trying to dress more nicely for Mass. Here’s what I wore today. Instagrammed. BOOM.


*not a mature attitude


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We are two people. One is Rachel. The other is me, Teresa. Rachel didn't want to write the introductory material so you're stuck with what I come up with. Hahah! We both just graduated from the University of Dallas with a degree (Two, actually!) in English. We rocked at it. Both us. Respectively. In totally and completely different ways. Okay moving on. Rachel is blonde. I am not. Rachel has brown eyes (hazel eyes she says. Do you want to write this Rachel?!?). Okay we'll post a picture forget the rest. In conclusion, there is no good reason for us to start a blog, and there is even less reason for us to do one together, besides a joint tendency to interpret life in a literary fashion... TO A RIDICULOUS DEGREE. IT'S RIDICULOUS. Furthermore and finally, there are rules for reading our blog. It's a game. The game starts now. You have to score one thousand points. If you do that, you take home a tank with a big gun. Each day we will announce the scores from that loudspeaker. The one who has the fewest points will have to wear a sign that says "Jackass" on his back. There are three ways to lose points. One, turning into a big crybaby. Two, telling us you want to see your mommy. Three, saying you're hungry and want something to eat. FORGET IT!

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  1. I love how you split up the different parts of your outfit. I always have trouble getting good “What I Wore” shots because I have to take all mine myself and don’t have a long mirror.

  2. I know what you mean about marriage blogging. I keep a lot of things close to my chest. Fact is, it’s public info once it’s posted to the internet, and thus some level of intimacy is lost.

    Plus, how fun is it when we make decisions together and NO ONE HAS A SINGLE CLUE WHY IN THE HECK WE’D DO THAT?? 😉

    Anyway, I love WIWS. My parents didn’t emphasize dressing for Mass too heavily when I was growing up, but when I went off to college and saw how poorly so many of my peers dressed for it (not just thrifty or casual, but straight-up stained, lazy, or butt-cheek-fallin’-out-can’t-believe-I-just-saw-that!) I decided to step it up a bit. I was casual during the weekdays, but just tried to keep it respectable.

    Plus, I just love bouncing around to all the diff blogs and seeing what’s up! It’s a good time.

  3. 2 – Congratulations!!!! How exciting. I think December weddings are the best!! (We are on 12/28)
    3 – Such beautiful photos. You are a gorgeous bride!! (The photos bomb was classic. 🙂
    4 – You don’t know how giddy I get when I hear someone say they love DA. Seriously giddy. You are lucky you didn’t get any spoilers! I hate spoilers and I accidentally read the mother of all spoilers and it sits in the back of my mind bugging me as I watch. Sigh. Oh, well. If you head to my blog you can read my thoughts on the first episode after you finish.

    Okay, I’d comment more but the kids are calling. (That little bell, you know. 😉

  4. Re: #6. Teresa, one time you and I were talking (maybe this was in Starbucks, looking at your engagement photos? If you don’t remember, just trust me.) about social media being a good vs. bad thing. And if I remember correctly, we came to the conclusion that it’s a tool, and the goodness or badness comes from the user. So I thought of that exchange when you mentioned about the Internet making things happen. It’s so true. I don’t think the online world should ever be a substitute for reality, and we have to make a conscious effort for all our e-activity to be oriented toward the good, but the Internet is just another channel through which God’s grace and word can be spread! How great is that? I’m glad you’ve recognized that and called it out here.

    • And I am so glad that you re-phrased it so perfectly here!

      “I don’t think the online world should ever be a substitute for reality, and we have to make a conscious effort for all our e-activity to be oriented toward the good, but the Internet is just another channel through which God’s grace and word can be spread!”

      Exactamundo. Also… I DO ACTUALLY remember that. Wonder of wonders!! : ) Love you Gabbers.

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